PLEXTOR SSD Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty

Within the warranty period, PLEXTOR warrants your PLEXTOR SSD product against any defect under normal and properly use, and the components and assembly style are completely conformed to the specifications announced.

The warranty period for the PLEXTOR product can be found on the product specifications page, and starts at the day of purchase.

For warranty validation, a proof of purchase must be provided. Without proof of purchase, the manufacturing date determines the start of the warranty period.

In the event a product is found to be defective within the warranty period, PLEXTOR will, at its option, maintain or replace the defective product.

  • Maintenance: repair the hardware and/or firmware of the product.
  • Replacement: in the event that Plextor is unable to repair the product, we will choose to replace the product.

Warranty Exclusion Provisions

PLEXTOR does not warrant that the product operation is absolutely free from errors. PLEXTOR will not be responsible for any damage caused by a customer’s failure to comply with the product usage instructions.

This Limited Warranty does not extend to products where the user has made his/her own alterations or where the serial numbers have been removed. It also does not apply to damage caused in the following circumstances:

  1. the product is operated or stored under abnormal use and maintenance conditions
  2. the product is used at an incorrect location, and the connecting computer system is not properly maintained
  3. the product is subject to abuse, neglect, lightning strike, electrical fault, improper packaging, or accident
  4. the product is repaired, modified or altered by third parties, unless such repair, modification or alteration is expressly authorized in writing by PLEXTOR
  5. the product is installed improperly
  6. the product is infected by a virus or malware
  7. warranty sticker defaced, broken or missing
  8. the broken part is a non original PLEXTOR component such as a pickup, tray, etc

PLEXTOR is not responsible for backing up or preserving any programs, data, or information that the user has stored in a SDD submitted for maintenance and servicing. PLEXTOR cannot restore any designated information or contents for the user.

Service Conditions

In-warranty Service

In the event that a PLEXTOR product is defective within the warranty period, it can be returned to PLEXTOR for in-warranty service.

Before returning any products to PLEXTOR, a Return Material Authorization (RMA) has to be requested. After verification, PLEXTOR may authorise to return the product by issuing a RMA number.

You can request the RMA online on your own or contact the dealer where you originally purchased the product during business hours (except on public holidays), and return the product to the designated warranty servicing location as instructed.

In some countries, a different service policy is applied, please confirm with the dealer.

Out-of-warranty Service

PLEXTOR reserves the right to refuse requests for out-of-warranty service. In case an out-of-warranty service is accepted, PLEXTOR will invoice all repair and transport costs.

Legal Provisions

PLEXTOR does not make any other written or oral warranties, and refuses to acknowledge any warranties or conditions outside the scope of this Limited Warranty.

This Limited Warranty applies only to SDD products sold by PLEXTOR, its related enterprises, and authorized dealers. There may be a change to the warranty terms and conditions, and the maintenance response time; depending on the country or region where the consumer uses the product.