How do I “secure erase” my Plextor SSD unit?

Plextor’s PlexTool is capable of performing “secure erase” on your Plextor SSD unit.  Click HERE to download the latest version of PlexTool.  The following steps listed below show you how you can format your Plextor SSD unit.

Step 1: You need to make sure that the drive you want to “secure erase” is not the boot drive. The drive must be a 2nd drive or the non-boot drive.

Step 2: Open PlexTool and select the proper drive from the drive’s drop down menu. Be sure to select the correct drive.

Step 3: Select the secure format tab at the bottom of the PlexTool.

Step 4: You may see the message “Security frozen lock might be detected on the drive, so please replug your drive to start Secure Format”.  This is normal. If you are positive you have selected the correct drive go ahead and press the continue button.  Once you proceed, you will get the message “Are you sure you want to do this?  Formatting will delete all data on the selected drive.”   Select yes to format the drive.

Step 5:  Once the secure format is done you will get the message Secure Format Complete.   You have successfully “Secure Erased” your drive.  Choose OK and exit PlexTool.