[Plextor Bundle Promotion] Get Your Free "Far Cry 5" PC Game Code


[Plextor Bundle Promotion] Get Your Free "Far Cry 5" PC Game Code

A Limited Quantity Offer from Plextor:Get Your Free "Far Cry 5" PC Game Code While Supplies Last

Plextor is proud to announce the "Far Cry 5 Free PC Game Code Bundle Promotion" in Thailand and Vietnam market. When you purchase a specific Plextor SSD model, you will also receive a game code for Far Cry 5 - PC Standard Edition. The promotion event will kick off on May 22, 2018. Simply purchase the designated Plextor model, make sure it has an event sticker attached to the product packaging, and you will have the game code to play the PC standard edition of one the most highly anticipated first-person shooters - Far Cry 5.

Plextor's ultrafast M9Pe series NVMe SSD is the top choice for gamers who wish to build the ultimate gaming PC. Through this special offer from Plextor, players who purchase SSDs from the M9Pe series will be able to enjoy "Far Cry 5" at blazing fast speeds. If you are shopping for a solid state drive and you enjoy first-person shooters, this is an amazing opportunity you can't miss! Limited quantities available, while supplies last! For the designated SSD model or more information on the event please visit Plextor's official event website:

With M9Pe series SSD’s ultra-high speed performance and advanced cooling design, players are able to enjoy smooth gameplay without any freezes or stuttering. In addition to the compact M.2 version, the M9Pe series also offers a full-size PCIe® version equipped with RGB LED lights. With the bright and colorful lights dancing along with the player's every move, the SSD is like a living, breathing beast inside your machine.

[About Far Cry 5] Set in America, a first for the franchise, Far Cry 5 offers players total freedom to navigate a serene-looking yet deeply twisted world as the new junior deputy of fictional Hope County, Montana. Players will find that their arrival accelerates a years-long silent coup by a fanatical doomsday cult, the Project at Eden's Gate, igniting a violent takeover of the county. Under siege and cut off from the rest of the world, players will join forces with residents of Hope County and form the Resistance. For more information about Far Cry 5, please visit